Ring-press Connection Technology
Ring-press connection technology is an improvement and upgrade on the basis of doublepress(V)technology. In 2003, "commmon Tube" pioneered the ring-press connection technology, and obtained the patent, after more than ten years of application proved that the ring-press connection technology is more safe and reliable. Ring-press connection has 2 main features,ring locking and filling sealing.it can be used for DN15-DN150,Working pressure can reach 2.5Mpa.


Principle Of Ring-press Connection


Firstly, Insert the pipe with cylindrical sealing ring into the socket of the ring-press pipe fitting and apply pressure to the sealing section of the socket along the circumference from the outside.


Secondly, in the pressing, the socket and the pipe are concave and deformed together to form locking ring and sealing ring. During the pressure process, the sealing material forms two filling segments, two working segments and an intermediate pressure-expansion segment in the cavity.


When the shape and temperature change due to external force , the elasticity stored in the pressure-expansion segment compensates for the working segments, making it at the best working condition all the time. Finally, the pipes and fittings are effectively connected and sealed .


Ring compression “C” reduce cost about 20% than Double compression “V”.  “C”Working pressure up to 2.5Mpa(“V”is 1.6Mpa)



1, Normal diameter ≤ DN150, nominal pressure PN25, drink pure water, life drink water, cold water, hot water, sea water and fire-fighting water supply;

2, Nominal pressure  PN16 medical Gas , negative pressure, pressure air and siphon drainage,

3, Nominal pressure  PN4.0 Gas


Material; S304/S304L/S316L

Working  temperature; Gas:-40°~80°,Water:0°~100°

Nominal working pressure; liquid=1.6 Mpa (Normal),2.5 Mpa(Extra-Strong ) Gas≤0.4 Mpa



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